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Model Making
Company Kenya

February 16, 2022
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Moriasi 3D is a model making company in Kenya. We create physical scaled models for architectural, urban planning, landscape, property development and other industries. Our models are used for marketing and/or planning purposes. Our clients include architects, real estate developers, advertising agencies, government departments etc. The company was incorporated in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the biggest model making companies in Africa. We are located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya with over 4 million residents. Our production facility is located on Mombasa road opposite Nyayo Stadium and next to the Intercontinental Hotel.

We want to build the best model-making company in the world. That’s why we are looking for talented people who can help us to achieve this goal. We offer our customers a wide range of model-making services, which go far beyond the normal boundaries of model making. Our aim is to create faithful and realistic models with high-quality finishing, which will uniquely reflect the character of each individual subject and its environment. This enables us to satisfy the most exacting demands of our clients, such as architects, developers, planners and advertising agencies If you are enthusiastic about your work, enjoy working in a team and are eager to develop new skills in an innovative and fast-growing company, then please send us your application.

Business people often ask me for a list of startups in their field. I don’t have any such list, because there are too many startups for me to keep track of them all. But I know how to make one. My usual answer is: “Go to the local library and get out the card catalog.” The card catalog tells you what books they have; in this case, you’re looking for books about startups. But when you look at the card catalog, it’s not just a list of books on startups. It’s also a list of books on every other subject as well.

The card catalog tells you everything the library has, not just what you’re looking for. That’s what makes it useful. If it only had startup books in it, then it would be not a very good tool for finding startups. So, if you want a list of startups in your field, here’s how to make one: go to the library and look at the card catalog. Pick out all the cards dealing with startup companies in your field. Then go through them and find all the ones that are currently open companies, or that were founded within the last few years (let’s say since 1996). Those are your startups.

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