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Welcome to MORIASI 3D – the expert architectural model makers, turning your designs into detailed 3D models. We have the expertise and experience to create any type of model you need – from miniature developments in architectural model making to oversize marketing models for eye-catching presentations and retail display.

MORIASI  3D  is  a  name  that  speaks  for  itself  in  the  field  of  model  making. It is registered in Nairobi – Kenya and is engaged in creation and development  of  architectural  and  industrial  scale  models.  MORIASI    has  worked  closely  with  many  of  the  most  reputable  designers,  architects, developers and city planners in the East- African Region.

Since  1987,  model  makers  at  MORIASI  3D  have  been  serving  clients’  3d  scale  model  needs.  We  started  by  making  3D  architectural  models  for  university  students  and  for  residential  developers.  At  this  early  stage  Moriasi  recognized  the  importance  of  understanding  his  clients’  design  and  portraying  the  design  intent  through  a  scale  model.  At the time all models were purely handcrafted by a small team and quality was (and it still remains) our priority.

Our  company  then  grew  to  include  work  building  models  for  architects,  real  estate,  land  development,  industrial  design,  engineering,  sales  and  marketing,  government,  trade shows and prototypes.  We have now gained national recognition as our 3D scale models and prototypes are exhibited throughout the East-African Region.


    Our vision is to be a premier producer and manufacturer of top quality models, 3D renders and animation.


    Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and innovative technology to provide the highest-quality and most reliable products and services to our clients.


    Dependability, Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment, Open-mindedness, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency, Innovation, Creativity, Motivation, Positivity, Optimism, Passion, Respect, Education, Service to others, Environmentalism

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Specialists in professionally crafted architectural models with real to life detail and material finish.

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