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February 16, 2022
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Best 3D architectural models

Our 3D architectural models feature high visual quality and are customized to your project. Our designers work with the latest CAD software, combining 3D printing technologies with precision-machined parts.  The models capture details at full scale with textures, colors and shading for a realistic look. These terrestrial dioramas provide an immersive experience for live demos that immerse clients into a lifelike 3D environment! Contact our sales team here to make a purchase or find out how this technology can help you.

Attention: According to an upcoming report from The Times, 3D architectural models will be part of a developer’s set of standard deliverables in the near future. This new method of design ensures that hiring contractors will be much easier, as you can find and hire developers who are familiar with your local building codes. Moriasi 3D is a global architecture firm, which has already made it possible for all 3D models to be compatible, no matter what software or company they were created in.

Leading the way in 3D architectural modeling, Virtual Building Studio offers a complete design and visualization solution for architects, developers, and home builders. We can create models from your plans and specification or from hand sketches. We can provide models in many different styles, from fully detailed to simple wire frames, depending on your requirements. Our 3D models are used by clients as sales tools; to help them sell properties or to simply show people what a development or building will look like. Our models are also used as designs; they help clients understand what their projects will look like before any work is started.

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